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Our software has an incredible success rate, and each market has a different rate. Overall, anyone who can effectively manage the account is able to profit using Betclan.

We suggest an entry from 3% to 5% of bankroll.

Betclan works with 1x2, Under and Over goals, Both Team To Score (BTS) and Full Time Result, besides offering statistics for the last 5 games, goals, wins, draws and losses.

There is no rule for that, we suggest no one spends over 5% of its bankroll though, keeping it around 3%.

Meaning that, if there is a 100 € bankroll, you should spend from 3€ to 5€ per bet. This is a way to profit in a long term.

All users can create one prediction for each available match.

Once you create a prediction you can NOT change or delete the prediction.

Is the Users predictions average on Winner, Both Teams To Score, Total Goals and Full Time Result for the selected match.

You can become a member simply by registering for free.

Every time you create a prediction you get 1 point. If you score the "Winner", "BTTS" or "Total Goals" you'll receive 1 point, for each prediction; and 2 points (pts) if you score the "Full Time Result".

Main Prediction - It's your bet. Consists in the prediction you think you will win.

If you choose in the main prediction:

     - "Winner", "BTTS" or "Total Goals" you'll receive 5 pts, if your prediction is correct;

     - "Full Time Result" you will get 15 pts, if correct.

All users receive extra points according with the odd. When the odd is higher, the user will receive more points.

Points according with the odd:

     If the odd is between 1.60 and 1.75, you'll get 1 extra point; 1.76 and 2.00 - 8 pts; 2.01 and 3.20 - 16 pts; 3.21 and 4.49 - 20 pts; more then 4.50 - 30 pts.

However, if you fail the main prediction you will be penalized and the respective points will be withdrawn.

Your Confidence will be calculated with the average of your last 20 predictions, and the stars will be assigned according to this average.


You can find here a list of today's matches and 1X2 tips. To view all predictions for a specific game you must click in the "i" info of the game.

You can also change the date in the arrows and view the predictions for the selected date.

In the left side of your screen, you can find the BetClan prediction and the hit percentage for the selected match.

It's always 4 predictions available for each match:

WINNER - Home, Draw or Away with the hit percentage

BOTH TEAMS TO SCORE (BTTS) - Yes or No with the hit percentage

OVER and UNDER Goals - E.g.: Over or Under 2.5 Goals with the hit percentage

FULL TIME RESULT - Our prediction for the correct score and the hit percentage

There are some statistics available of both teams:

Last 5 games of each team

Overall Season and Home/Away:

Wins, Draws and Losses for each team

In the right side of your screen you can find the Users Average Prediction for the selected match on:

Winner - Home, Draw or Away winner and the hit percentage

Both Teams to Score - with the hit percentage

Total goals - Over/Under goals and the hit percentage

Full Time Result - the correct score and the hit percentage


The BetClan Site is available for free, meaning you don't have to pay to use our services.

BetClan does have an online chat for the registered users, with an always online moderator, so we advice that you comply with Best Practices, or your account will be blocked.

All accounts are personal and free. If you share your account with other person, your account will be blocked.

You can share all the predictions that are in our website, we don't restrict any shares.

Create Prediction

You can create here a prediction for the selected match. To create it you must fill the Winner, Both Teams To Score, Total Goals, Final Result and the Main Prediction fields.

To create a prediction, you must first select "Create Prediction" on the menu and choose the desired game.

You can also create a prediction for a speficic game, when you are viewing that game's prediction, by clicking the "Create Prediction" button.

Every time you create a prediction you'll get points and when it scores you'll earn more points, increasing your Reputation. When your "Main Prediction" is correct you'll increase your Confidence, leveraging your overall rank.

When you create a prediction, you must select one of the four predictions that you think is most likely to score.

Every time your "Main Prediction" is correct you'll increase your Confidence, leveraging your overall rank.

Yes, to create a prediction, you must fill all the 5 fields, otherwise you can not submit your prediction.

All users on the BetClan Site can see your predictions.

Home Page

Here, you can find the most relevant matches for the current day and 1X2 predictions.

To see the prediction details, simply click in the prediction.

To see all predictions, please click on the "View all events" button.

You can find here the latest betting articles.

To read the article, just click on it.

In the bottom of the page, you can find a timeline with the Users Predictions.

To view the prediction details, simply click on the "View Prediction" button.

To view the user profile, please click on the "View profile" button.


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