Sports Betting Strategies: Is It Better To Do Single or Combo Bets?

Sports Betting Strategies: Is It Better To Do Single or Combo Bets?

This article explores different horse racing betting strategies, focusing on single and combination bets. It analyzes the pros and cons of each type of bet, helping readers decide which is the best option based on their goals and level of experience.

Horse racing is one of the most popular sports from a betting perspective, with millions wagered on the action during the biggest events on the schedule such as the Belmont Stakes and Kentucky Derby. There are numerous ways to bet on the sport online, with experienced bettors typically exploring all available options before deciding on the most likely way to gain value from their selections. Combination bets are exceptionally popular among newcomers to the sport, as they can be incredibly lucrative if you make perfect selections. But, what are the pros and cons of each betting option available, and what is the best option?

What Is A Single Bet?

Single bets are most popular for novice gamblers when it comes to making selections on some of the biggest events on the calendar. This means that bettors will get paid out on their selection if they find the winning horse in the race. Win betting is the most popular single bet option available online, with returns awarded simply by finding the winning runner in a race. Place betting is also a common alternative, as returns will be awarded to your account if you select a horse that finishes in either first or second. Single betting is very straightforward, making it very popular with those who have limited experience or knowledge of betting on horse racing. It is also a straightforward way to get involved in the racing action without having to know too much about other markets that could be available online. You can find more information on how horse racing bets work here for specific events:

Is Single Betting Popular?

Single betting is the most popular form of gambling on horse racing action, as it requires very little knowledge about how the market works, making it simple to understand. However, to maximise your chances of victory, gamblers will need to conduct a lot of research on the runners in the race. This includes evaluating the form in the book, such as the distances that the horse has competed over, and whether they have previous winning experience over course and distance.

However, it is the most popular betting market when it comes to the biggest races on the schedule, as novices look to get returns in one of the most famous mainstream races on the schedule.

What Is A Combination Bet?

Combination bets are very similar to single wagers on horse racing, but the key difference is that multiple selections can be added into one longer-form bet, making it slightly more difficult to gain returns. At least two selections can be combined to form a multiple bet, but it is important to remember that each of your selections must win to get returns. Combination betting is most popular with experienced bettors who take extra time in their research, as there is very limited room for error. However, it can be a very popular way to enhance the odds of two or more short-priced favourites winning, as the odds in a combination bet will take into account the room for error. Therefore, it is a preferred option among bettors looking to get even more value for their money. But, the main worry surrounds the chance of losing the first leg of a combination bet, as the stake will be lost before the next horse has their chance to run. Therefore, bettors will only include selections in this type of market that they believe are as close to a sure thing as possible.

Issues With A Combination Bet

Combination betting is extremely popular with experienced bettors, as it offers an excellent opportunity to boost the odds on two or more of their selections by combining them into one longer-form wager. However, this type of bet does come with its negatives too. The most concerning of these is the fact that the bet will be settled as a loser if only one of your horses fails to win their race. Therefore, there is no room for error when making your selections. Meanwhile, it is only most popular with gamblers looking to place increased stakes on horses at shorter prices, meaning it’s uncommon to include an outsider in this form of wager. The increased stake also means that it is tailored more to experienced bettors or those with deeper pockets to make their selections.

What Type Of Bet Is Better?

Combination and straight bets are both extremely popular forms of wagering on horse racing action, but when it comes to which type of bet is better, it really comes down to the gambler and what they are looking to get out of their wager.

If you just want to find a winner, then the straight wager is preferred. However, if you have completed extensive research on your horses and are looking to get better odds, then it could be worth combining them into a multiple bet.

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Sports Betting Strategies: Is It Better To Do Single or Combo Bets?

This article explores different horse racing betting strategies, focusing on single and combination bets. It analyzes the pros and cons of each type of bet, helping readers decide which is the best option based on their goals and level of experience.

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